Mudbox UI resolution on Retina Display


I installed a trial version of Mudbox and i Have a macbook pro with retina display.

Is it normal that the fonts of mudbox UI and menus are all kinda pre-retina quality. They have the edge jaggedness on them and seems to be pre-2012.

Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me?



what is “retina display”?.. i’m a PC user…is this a Mac thing?

as far as the fonts or jaggedness i’m not sure what your referring to… my fonts are the same as they appear in Max or Motionbuilder. standard appearance

can you post a pic?


A retina display is just a term used for the resolution type used in high resolution mac systems.

In other words, my 15’’ MacBook Pro (Retina) is 2880x1800, that extremely high resolution crammed into a 15’’ screen would normally make everything extremely tiny.

What the OS does though is it normalizes the size of the icons and text and UI to as if it were a 1440 x 900, which makes them extremely sharp and almost impossible to discern single pixels to the naked eye (hence the retina term).

After installing Mudbox it seems there is a lack of compatibility with it as the UI/fonts of the interface are all kinda pixelated.

Maya (2016) on the other hand looks great, everything is sharp and consistent.

I was wondering if I was the only one experiencing this or if there were settings that needed adjusting, or if this was simply a case of Autodesk being as lazy as they usually are.

As you can see in the attachments the difference between the Mudbox and Maya display UI resolution.


post it on the idea base…


i see… yeah it looks like a Mac/retina display thing. neither my Mudbox or Max interfaces look like either of those. in terms of crispness probably somewhere between those two.

i wonder if that retina display is a “per App” type of thing. not sure why Mudbox wouldn’t accept it though. i don’t see anything yet in the preferences that could let you change it either.


ok cool, thanks for your feedback