Mudbox performance on Mac w GTX 285, any improvement


Recently inherited an 8-core Mac Pro which is going to be my new rig for digital concepts in PS, Painter, Zbrush and Mudbox. 14GB and 2.5TB of space. I have a 4870 that i bought for it a few days ago that performs adequately and consistently, but I feel like the GTX would have longer legs into the future. I’m concerned about the poor experiences pros seem to be having with it tho and dont want to trade up if I’m going to buy a $500 lemon (as I understand its a combination of poor driver/os support and inefficient powerstates).

Most of the benches on the net seem to be under 10.5.8 with original drivers. Has anybody checked for changes under 10.6 or with newer drivers? Anybody with an ADC account try out the new drivers included the latest 10.6.1 seed? Anyone using the card in a real workflow? Thoughts?


hey - sorry, just got back from vacation and saw your PM about the same thing. No there’s no improvement in OS X 10.6. Mudbox is still crippled by bad Nvidia drivers. It’s actually pushed me back to using ZBrush for complex models and now I only use MB for model painting. Since ZBrush is massively multithreaded, it screams on my Mac Pro 8-core Nehalem - kind of a drag but like I said, this is Nvidia’s problem, not Autodesk’s.


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