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So I’ve been asked to do a presentation and need to show mudbox on a laptop. However, my current laptop apparently won’t run mudbox because of the graphics card (needs to be nvidia or ati). A lot of laptops don’t seem to even mention what sort of videocard they have inside them, which is weird to me. Does anyone have recommendations on a laptop that will run mudbox decently, preferably not a multi thousand dollar one as this will be a single presentaion. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

  • Neil


Hi Soulburn,

I use mudbox on a laptop. I have a Lenovo Dual Core i7 laptop with 8Gb of memory,
and it uses an Nvidia graphics card.

Lenovo are not the cheapest laptops, but in my opinion are about the best.



i tried to put mudbox on my laptop too, and ran into the same problem.

oh well. i don’t think there’s much to do about it without spending the cash.


if you arnt in a hurry you could wait for the new mud version…
release should be next week…


Thanks guys, looks like I’m gonna be able to borrow a laptop, so I should be good, at least for now :slight_smile:

  • Neil


now mudbox should also run on your old laptop…

Mudbox supports the third and fourth generation Intel® Core™ processors with integrated Intel® HD Graphics (2500, 4000, 4600, 5000, and so on).


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