Mudbox on a Surface Pro 4/Cintiq Companion 2


So i’m looking to pick up a tablet for the touchscreen pen capabilities and looking at both a Surface Pro 4 and the Cintiq Companion 2. I want to be able to use it not just for everyday browsing and such but then also for photoshop and mudbox. In mudbox, what is the level of polygons that either device can handle before becoming unusably sluggish?

I’m leaning towards the Cintiq because it has the ability to plug into a PC to become an input device (tablet and 13HD in one) for when scenes get to heavy and I want to use my normal PC, but if thye can handle a normal amount then no need to go for the premium on that.


in my experience it isn’t as much the polygons, but the materials that cause any lag. i’ve got 128gb ram and it will lag as it caches materials when you first open the file.

your materials in mud will have many layers (like photoshop)

i’ve never used the setup your thinking of, but personally i’d go for a full workstation. sure you can haul it around but…the screen size alone would be an issue.


I am getting a tablet for purposes other than art, but because of the pen capabilities of the current tablet generation I was looking into also using those capabilities to help get back into digital art, which I sort of faded out of for multiple reasons. A full workstation obviously would be best, but getting mobile art performance wasn’t the goal of getting a tablet. I merely wondered at the comparative capabilities of both in addition to the other purposes i’m getting a tablet for.

Thanks for your advice.


Mudbox is heavily reliant on the videocard, and tablets that don’t have a dedicated discrete unit will be rather painful to work with in general.
The Surface Book, with the in-keyboard discrete unit stands a chance to not be horrible on relatively simple projects without textures or layered materials, the companion isn’t that great HW wise, and the Pro 4 will still be rather underwhelming.

Incidentally, if you are willing to switch, ZBrush relies entirely on the CPU still, and I can attest first person that it performs well on the SPro 3 I own and use.

As for drawing/sketching, either will be fine with Photoshop, and super good on Manga Studio Pro (which is on sale right now for 15$ and I warmly recommend buying if there’s a tablet in your future, by miles the best pencil and inking app on the market to use on a tablet).