MuDbOx forum,tutorials and kind


hey guys

well mudbox is officially v1 now so how about posting some helpful hints,tuts ,videos etc here as there doesnt seem to be much in terms of resources out there


I was just at the mudbox site checking it out again.

Any idea if there will be a demo?

Also, who are the individuals behind Mudbox? It says on their site that some had worked on Lord of the Rings, I was curious as to who they were.




we realy dont need a whole forum for mudbox damn ! the program is realy easy ot use nad has a learning cerve of 5 minutes.

the only resources about MudBox needed is displacemenet mapping and Normal mapping generator.


Haha – have you checked the mudbox help? It’s… about 10 pages. That’s all you need mate.


Id be interested in a mudbox fourum - the official forum is quite quiet - that might change but I see no problem having one here where there is extra traffic.


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