Mudbox ExtractedTexture Map is not viewing in 3DS Max


Im new to Mudbox and im planning to do high detailed sculpturing but before that i thought of doing a small experiment. So what i did is, i simply done simple sculpturing in Mudbox and exported the texture map as displacement map as well as normal map so that i can do the rest of work in 3DS Max also the real intention of this test is, i wanted to know whether to work or not. After that i imported the same object in 3ds max and applied the displacement map on that. But unfortunately the result


could you post more info… some images…?
which renderer…?

edit: i see you did in the other thread.

select your exporter and the renderer here at the bottom of this tutorial…


Thanks Oglu… but the solution you gave me ( provided link) i already tried that. but no luck… now what should i do…

sorry … here is the original post


Hi…again i checked the problem with project file which i downloaded from the link you provided. The original displacement map which came along with project file is looks like this

Dis 01

and with the same project file, i again exported the displacement map as new operation and here is what im getting

Dis 02

and plzzzz…anybody knows what im missing here???


have you turned on test both sides and increase the search distance…


yes…i did!!! but its the same…


are you baking into exr files…?


yes… as .exr files… and now i increased the search distance all the way up to 100 and now the hole is disappeared… and in 3ds max, i applied that displacement as Vray Dismod. I didnt have proper value for “Te map Min” and “Tex map Max”. So i put some random values… finally i kinda got the approximate shape which i see in Mudbox. Now i have to try with proper tex map min and max values. Is there anyway i get those proper values?? i know i can get those values from Nuke… but im not a Nuke artist instead i use AE


just use the same as the search distance in mudbox…
the loating values in the EXR file will do the rest…


Hey oglu…So finally i found the solution, here it is…

  1. Step 1

Follow the displacement extraction method said in this link

Step 2:

In Vray displcementModifer, paly with “Texmap Min” and “Texmap Max” values until you get what you get in Mudbox

Important Note: Always extract your map as Ptex file