Mudbox drives me crazy



I’ve just downloaded the trial version. Theoretically, mudbox manages multiple UV arranged along the U, practically I cannot create displacement map with UVs that are beyond the 1 U coordinates.

Second, whenever I try to create displacement map in 2k res, mudbox is thinking for a while, and then informs me, that disk is full (140 Gbytes free by the way), cannot create map.

My character’s highest level is about 2.4 milion polys, and I think it’s pretty lightweight according to what used to be used.

Please, share me some hints…



may we see the uvs…?


Alas I’ve collected them into the 0-1 UV space. Originally I had 5 UV tiles along the U coordinate, each of the tile contrained into their respective tile coordinates, without any overlaps


Have you correctly set the uDim? This tells Mudbox how many tiles across you’ve laid out your UVs. If you wish to use the 0…5 uv space then set the uDim to 5 in the extraction settings.


I set it to 5, since I had five tiles. Now I have only one, but mudbox says, disk is full. Although there are 140 Gigabytes free…


the disk full error is a bug. A lot of people are getting it and it appears only when rendering at 2k+


same problem here :slight_smile:

so we have to create the maps smaller than 2k? or just at different resolution than 2k? ( bigger or smaller than 2k…)


1.06 was just released…try it now?


1st impression: success! I made a fresh new 4k image. But 2nd, I cannot render more map, not even a 256x256…map extraction failed…


when extracting maps, i have found that failures can occur if mudbox runs out of memory in the process.

What eats up this memory is the “quality” setting of the map. What this does is subdivide the mesh as required on a per pixel basis during the extraction process.

So if you have a 6million mesh, and you subdivide it even once on a 2 gig of ram…mudbox will not have enough memory to calculate.

Subdividing the low res mesh can be done, but subdividing the high res mesh should be set to none if you are getting this problem.

I dont know if that will solve your problem.

Errors will also occur when the UVs are bad.

For simplicity sake, I also recommend exporting the hi res mesh as an .obj and then extract the maps from a scene with just the low res mesh. (also fixed some errors for me)


I’m going to commit a suicide. My model is just 2.2 million poly. I’ve set the subdivision to None, the map etxraction begins, I don’t know why, it drops five lines into the map extracting , then infroms me that map extraction failed…but why? I have no clue, the UVs seems to be correct, no point on he borders, etc.

It really drives me crazy, I’ve heard how mudbox is far superior to zbrush, etc, but I couldn’t extract a proper displacement map until now. Anyway I’m a give-them-a-last-chance guy, so I keep on trying


send the files to skymatter… and a big report… :twisted:


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