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I’m seriously considering buying Mudbox, I just always had a soft spot for it I remember when skymatter owned it and I had used the first release of it. I thought it was great but I didn’t continue to use it as I had other irons in the fire at the time.

My question is from those who are using it, what are your opinions on it ? I really like the painting tools that are in 2010. Since add-ons could be written for Mudbox it would be very nice, but with all the attention on Zbrush it seems to be overlooked. Mudbox has a lot of potential just someone has to open that door up. Anyone using TopOGun for Re-topology ?


best way is to test it…
go and get the trial…


Fair enough :slight_smile: Thank you


cgtalk has a policy to not allow software comparison threads, since they always end up being flame wars. I really love mudbox, but everyone has their own needs and preferences, so I too agree, get the trial and see if it does everything you need it to do. And feel free to ask here if you have any questions on how specific features work.

  • Neil


I understand, I wasn’t started a software war. I never even mentioned the opposite software :slight_smile: Just wanted some personal feed back on this particular software. The usually “it works well for me, I enjoy a,b,c etc” I will as suggested give the demo a try !


Re-read your message, you did mention it :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’m not trying to pass judgement or anything, just trying to give you an explanation on why your message didn’t get a lot of replies.

  • Neil


Alright, you did get me on the fact that I did mention Zbrush. No hard feelings taken, at least I got some answers, enough that it’s good :slight_smile:


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