Mudbox colours all changed to red


Hi all,

This is probably a simple problem for the experts out there, but I am lost.
Ok the first ever completed project in mudbox I made was a dinosaur type creature. I ended up exporting it back to max and rendering it quite nicely.

So I like to tidy my files and in that process I thought I would move all my dinosaur mudbox files into a folder. Now I know that mudbox saves it’s textures in a folder and add the word _files to the end, but this is the problem. When I load up my mudbox file all my colours have turned red, even though the colours in the file are still correct.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening, and is there a way to sort it out?



looks to me that the red comes from the masking tool in Sculpting Tools on one of your layers for sculpting. otherwise its a bug for sure.


Hi onionhead,

Funny thing is last night I was watching a tutorial on masking, and the mask was red, so as soon as you mentioned mask, I thought, that had to be the correct answer.

The stupid thing is this. I never intentionally put a mask on. This is wierd. I haven’t got to the level of using masks yet heh heh.

Anyway thanks. You put me on the right track.


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