Mudbox 2019 and Mudbox 2019 <->Maya 2019 Issues


Good morning to everybody, I’m Andrea from Italy, I’m starting to use the mentioned softwares and I’m experiencing some issues wich are, maybe, due to my inexperience:

  1. I cannot “numerically” scale/rotate/translate an object in Mudbox, I choose the proper tool, but when I insert a value in the related fields (in the right of the screen), when I tab to exit the field, the inserted value disappeares form the field itself. This happens with scale/rotate/translate in the same way…what am I doing wrong?
  2. When i send an object to Maya with the “sen to maya” menu it works greatly, when I transfer back to Mudbox using “send to Mudbox->Update current scene” from Maya, the originaal Object in Mudbox doesn’t update and it appears a new object “cloned” by the original but in a so much lower scale…both the workspaces are setted to work in millimeters…why ther’s a suche scale difference? Am I missing some setting?

Thanks for help!