Mudbox 2009 QuickStart Videos - Rendering 32bit displacement in Maya, Max, XSI, V-ray


Mudbox to Maya 2009 Video Link
Mudbox to XSI 7 video link
Mudbox to 3D Max 2009 video link
Mudbox to V-ray (3D Max 2009) video link

More more hours of free videos in the QuickStart series can be found Here: Link

Alternate Links:


Mud 2 Maya
Mud 2 V-ray

Vimeo Mudbox 2009 Group Link

OK here the final video in the ‘set’ I’ve been working on to show how to get high quality and easy to replicate 32 bit displacement working in all the Autodesk apps (as well as V-ray). I wanted for obvious reasons to get videos out as part of the QuickStart series showing this for all the 3d apps capable of displacement map renders in the Autodesk range. My hope is this makes things a bit easier for those of you converting to a Mudbox 2009 pipeline or are having trouble gettig displacement maps rendering correctly in any of these 3 apps. These videos are aimed specifically at 32 bit maps coming from Mudbox and are not applicable to maps coming from other apps.



You truly are a teaching star Wayne! Thanks for all your efforts in providing such lovely free video material! We need more people like you.

You deserve a pint. :slight_smile:

I’ll take a looksie at the Mudbox to Maya one right now… fed up of getting poor results in maya using low poly models and don’t fancy importing the x million poly high res - counter productive.

Quick question:

Don’t you think that Autodesk should create a plugin for Autodesk owned 3D apps that automatically imports mudbox models and deals with the setting up of the low to high poly rendering process? Think there still needs to be more connectivity between the apps.


Here Here!! lol

I could do wiht one after working reliable displacement settings for all 3 apps…I think theres a reason that no one person has covered all 3 before lol.

Ah you see I couldn’t possibly comment on future features… (try saying that fast…future features…future features…), but things may or may not be in the pipeline for some point.



Fantastic work Wayne. Keep it coming. I for one will definitely make use of those tutorials instead of pulling my hair trying to find out the right settings:) Cheers.


I think that link to the XSI version is broken, thought you’d like to know


Thanks, link fixed.



Thanks for this.

I’m having troubles with sound when I tried the Maya one. On two different machines the same issue that the soundtrack is not playing properly.


This should solve the issue for you then::slight_smile: :

Vimeo Link



Links added for version of maya and V-ray vids on vimeo. (Others coming soon).



Thanks, this kind of stuff is always helpful.


THANKS for these… very nice work indeed! :slight_smile:


thanks wayne…


Great vids, thanks for putting those up for all of us!


Thanks for these great vid, very appreciated


I’m glad they are proving to be of use for you guys. There’s plenty more yet to come before I call it a day for a while.



thanks your video on 3dsmax-mental ray for mudbox helped me sort out how to get zbrush models working over in 3dsmax 2008 and mental ray:thumbsup:


Be aware that zbrush 32 bit maps and mud 32 bit maps are different and as such need some settings tweaks. Manly as zb uses a mid grey appraoch (also why it needs the settings that it does at render time, where as mud does not.) I covered the complete pipeline for maya and max in my book Essential Zbrush… beware as its a very long book and very in depth as long as the other 2 books put together in fact. :wink:



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