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Yay. Congrats mud guys


I was expecting it to be below $300 to upgrade from Mudbox basic. Mudbox 2009 looks like a really cool program but I am having some trouble convincing myself to get it at the $480 upgrade price tag when I would only use it for hobby purposes. A program like 3D Coat is kinda looking more attractive to me at the moment for 3d painting purposes. Maybe I will download the trial to see what it’s like anyway.


How’s everyone finding the trial? I’ve just installed it and opened the Base Human. It runs like an absolute dog. I’ve got 4GB RAM, Dual Core 2.66Ghz, 7800GS (yes, slightly old). Mudbox 1.0 is smooth as hell though.

It’s doing exactly the same as Maya does on my system if you click the mesh just once, CPU goes to 100% for a few seconds and then it selects the mesh. Is this because my GPU isn’t a Quadro? Because thats what Autodesk Maya support told me.

I was going to purchase immediately but will hold off now. Might have to wait to see what the qualified specs are.


Nice but it’s a shame the site is dominated by Autodesks site style.

Pixologic got it right with the amount of control they have over their product and their marketing techniques.

Looks awesome though. IMHO they could do with improving the site to better sell the product.


Night and Day…

Fantastic job!


I guess what I mean by that is I’m on level 10, sculpting 26 Mil, with AO and IBL with no lag.

Uhm, night and day. Most impressive upgrade I can remember.


I’m using an ATI XTX-1900X, doesn’t support the AO filter!!

Initial thoughts, well when I tumble, paint or whatever, after I carry out a certain function I have to wait for 1 sec before I can do anything! Not too happy about that.

Will have a proper play later but I did crash the programme a few times trying to load a simple obj file I created ages ago…


Non-Smooth Shaded results in faces flickering black, along with every function having a delay on it. Latest GPU drivers are installed. :sad:


I have it on pre-order :smiley:


do you guys think its possible to upgrade from basic to pro. i have mbox 1 basic


Hmmm I’m not sold on this version, whenever I am in sculpt mode I have a serious 1 sec lag at any sub-D level before I can carry out sculpting/rotating the model.

However in paint mode I can paint a series of strokes no problem.

Maybe my quad core isn’t cutting it these days although it can still tumble a 32m poly with an average 35fps! Such a shame about the lag as that is killing me…


I should clarify my specs. The below machine is the home one.

I am trying this out on a Q6600 4GB ram 8800GT (latest certified driver)



Updated my Nvidia Drivers and the Crashes stoped uff :smiley:

Now lets play :applause:


Ya you can upgrade from basic to pro for $450 US.


yes… as you can see in the purchase options…


Terrificness :buttrock:


Hi all,

i was so excited to have the demo to finally play with it and the same lag here. Do one single stroke, rotate or so and wait a second!

Quad 6600
8Gig RAM
ATI HD2600 card.
Intuos A5 WIDE
All new drivers on a WIN XP x64

Do i need a better bigger graphics card?



Okay, this is great news. Wow!

Gonna purchase this thing as soon as I can, but before I make a potentialy big mistake (and I don’t want to seem like a dumb***, I just want to be VERY sure)…

On the Buy Now page, it says Mudbox 2009 upgrade (Basic)- It does mean that I can buy that to upgrade my MB 1.0 Basic to MB2009, instead of it being an upgrade on MB2009 itself right? :stuck_out_tongue:

And what exactly is the difference between MB2009 32-bit & 64-bit? I have Windows XP 32-bit (which of course doesn’t use my full 4 GB RAM), but say if I upgrade to 64-bit OS (like Vista), does that mean MB2009 32-bit will be able to work with more polys than it would on my current OS RAM capacity?

Anyone’s answer to these questions would be very much appreciated. :cool:


Just from this thread, both ppl with the lag, appear to have ATI cards.