A close-up of the MSV…moon scout vehicle.

High Resolution:

Good night


hammer! schöne stimmung. gute nacht!


This is very nice, love the colors and sense of depth. good luck!


love this one, great composition, good colors and all very well executed. You have captured a ‘Mead’ feel to it …well done


one of the best for me!
futuristic and eyes catching ; really nice image!
good luck!


Awesome! Love this one.


This is fantastic!! It reminds me of the best old space themed lego kits… the ones with the magnets and translucent plastic. What a rich and engaging image, and fantastically cool vehicle.


Beautiful, very atmospheric. Good luck


Thank you…all kind of critics are welcome.

lets catch sunrays :slight_smile:


Your entry is my fav with TS.2850, I Hope I see you amongst the winners. Good luck.


Thank you!

There are fantastic concepts for this contest…it’s amazing how much creativity can be awake :slight_smile:
Good luck for all of them!


I realy like this concept of planet exploiter ,that remind me the mechanical concept of the movie “Moon”.
Very well done.


That is such a gentle image it is really beautiful, especially like the delicate city detailing in the background and on the moon.

Suitable vehicular design too. Yea i agree, one of the top ones Good luck



Like this one a lot! Good job :thumbsup:


This is really a nice piece! I enjoy the Hi-res version a bit more I think… I love really wide shots!


I also prefer the wide shot…its the original
this view is just a close up for this gallery.

Hey by the way…i really like your concepts and paintings…your vehicle for the contest just great!

byebye from Berlin


one of the best!


I am glad to read your words :slight_smile:


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