MSN messenger


Please post your MSN messenger address here or PM me with it in case we need to call you ‘in for a meeting’.



mine is my e-mail address.

kirt_stanke at yahoo dot com



MSN handle:

yahoo handle:

AIM handle:


< In my profile :slight_smile:


Another idea - maybe we should have a scheduled weekly meetup in an IRC channel to discuss the progress and the goals / issues of the week and the next.

Seems like it may help focus issues in a real-time environment. :shrug:


I like that idea DivideByZero




< in my profile


Mine’s – although I’m rarely on except by request (silly Mac guys, you know…)


make sure you drop me a line before adding me (dont email my hotmail as its just a dummy account and we cant check any outside email at work).

just pm me or send out a homing pidgeon!


#13…contact me immediately please as I have some questions regarding which models I should be using and the location of said models:)



Check your PMs – and I’ve also answered some questions in the group 1 thread.

I can be reached for the next few hours if you’ve got any more.



yahoo -



i’m not tooo late , i guess




yahoo : phkhor7


davidson001 @ <------- my msn nick (remove spaces)