MSN Messenger


The Cinema 4D forum has one also, and as we have a large commune of 3ds maxers I thought why not make a thread also about it here …

if you guys don’t mind, just place 'em right in this thread as our profile doesn’t even have an MSN slot; also feel free to add other Messengers as well :beer:


I don’t really use msn but my AIM is riki tiki tafi


Had to remove my addy, way too many people.:rolleyes:


dont use msn anymore. SOrry


deleted due to numerous amounts of people trying to add me, :eek: lol


hey yo people, i think this is a good idea
here is my addy:

                                   _-¯ [Z] ¯-_


sorry guys…that id got too much contacts now new id for new comers :slight_smile:
dont forget me


Don’t use MSN much anymore, also was getting swarmed by help requests… Too busy nowadays. Sorry!

Do you speak Chinese? I can only speak a little English.
I wonder if you can help me!
Could you speak more slowly,please?
but help me to use software!
if you want to communicate with me, add me, we can be firend.


This is a great idea, except for the fact that none of your msn names match your cgtalk names, so there is no way to keep track of who you all are…???


my name is currently Freeform²


Why dont you just create a new group ? … thats wht ive done … all my 3d friends are under 3d, and personal friends are under P Friends :thumbsup:


Once you find out who someone is, you can rename them to their CGtalk name so that in the future, you know who they are. My name, however, is universal. All games and forums and email accounts etc. for me, i have the username Cryptite. Because its so unique, its never taken when I sign up for something,


you can only rename them to their CG Talk name in Trillian

but yes, it’s a pleasure meeting all of you !!



Oh, yea… and I use Trillian too… hehe.
So everyone go get Trillian right now!


thanks a lot


I’m new here so i doubt anyone will want mine :stuck_out_tongue:
But here it is anyways:

and yes, seriously that is my msn address


list is full kthxbai



just in case

long live matchmoving!!!


what the heck :slight_smile: here is my passport:

english and portuguese welcomed :thumbsup: