Mr. Slug, Roberto Padula (2D)


Title: Mr. Slug
Name: Roberto Padula
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

Just a value study that ended up looking cool, so I decided to turn it into a finished color piece!

Since I was feeling lazy and sluggish I started drawing slugs and snails to share my lazy-ass feelings with! Had lots of fun painting the slime and slippery look, never tried it before so there are still lots of room to improve, but I feel happy with how it turned out in the end! So I guess if I had to resume this whole experience into one word it would be Fun…Just sheer fun… I love when a piece goes that way!

That’s all for now! Any crits, comments or just random babbling are more than welcomed!



Nice texturing and lightening. This goo on the ground is perfect.


Thank you very much Leo! I’m always trying my best to get the lighting and textures right, kinda an obsession to tell you the truth, so I’m really happy to know that it is looking good! And man, the goo/slime/mucus was the hardest part in this painting but also the most fun to paint so I’m definitely going to paint some more goo from now on! On the road to become a goo master!hehehe…


It’s really one of the most realistic goos I’ve seen so far, mainly concerning 2D drawing. Is it very different from drawing water or so?


I wouldn’t know actually… I’ve never painted water before and this is the first time I painted goo/slime, so I can’t really say how much different it is…But I think it must be similar, just a little less thick so to speak!


As always!! awesome rendering skill and love the lighting a lot! great work my friend! Cheers!


Thank you very much Vic! I’m always happy to hear from you my friend!


mais um hein meu fera!.. aqui no CG talk seus trampos vão ser bem vistos…tenho certeza fi… mto boa a ilustração.


Very good rendering, lighting and color, also I like the style very much :thumbsup:


nice;) look good.


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