Mr. Reaper, Jose Alves da Silva (2D)


Title: Mr. Reaper
Name: Jose Alves da Silva
Country: Portugal
Software: Photoshop

This is my attempt at a portrait of the Soul Reaper as he walks the land of the Dead. It’s been a long time since I have taken so long in a picture, and I would really appreciate any comments.
I hope you like it.



This is wonderful, Jose! There’s a great playful feel to it, and I love your rendering and palette. Excellent work!

Edited to add: Just spotted the mountain! Brilliant :wink:


PMD> Thank you for your kind comments. They mean a lot to me, especially coming from someone with such a great work as you :thumbsup:

I am posting some details for you to check the image more in detail:


This is an unusual depiction of the reaper, kind of like catching a glimps of him when he thinks he’s all alone. Very well done.


Amazing colors and atmosphere. Eyes so mystical ))))


love the mood !! I think one of foot could be placed as otherwise, it’s disturbing your composition and reduce details and shadow’s castle to make a better depth of field.
As u did it it’s seems too close.
Anyway i like u worked the texture color


picksel> I am glad you like it. My intention was to portray the Reaper as someone very old and wise (long beard and pipe), but with a face that was a dark void, as if it was the face of Death itself.

Dues> Thanks :beer:

picksel> Hehe. I guess your comments are right on target. Now, I also think that the two feet should have been represented in different positions. Thank you for the valuable comments.


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