Mr.Potato and Friends, saman khorram (3D)


Title: Mr.Potato and Friends
Name: saman khorram
Country: Iran
Software: 3ds max, BodyPaint, Photoshop, XSI

I called the big boy in this piece Mr.potato and the rest are friends of him .
Most of modeling is done in 3d max ,the rest of 3D works is done in XSI , bodypaitn and photoshop for texturing.
I used photoshop to composite rendered passes from XSI and tweaking layers.
comments are most welcome.


very cute and nice design


hey its so cool and cute

good work


Very comical and well done. Modeling and texturing are spot on. Good job! :thumbsup:


good started,

very good modeling & color i like it the idea is very nice

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:

i vote 4 u :bounce:


Fantastic work! Lovely characters and beautiful, vibrant colours! :thumbsup:


this characters is so creepy!))) :arteest:
Good work! :beer:


Great character design!

And good use of color, too!


very good dear saman i like this style:thumbsup:


wow …
dear saman .
it’s very nice work .
i like all color in this sence .
and very nice lighting and texturing .
Best regards my friend .


Lovely and happy!
I like the colors and atmosphere. every thing is perfect except the bunny legs! I think it would be better if the right leg falls down on the left leg - for more physical and realistic feelings about the model.
After all, That’s a nice work my friend.
Best wishes:


This is great work. Loving the style and the characters. :thumbsup:




wow wooow wow
very nice modeling, texture and render :bounce:


Funny picture, I like it. :thumbsup:



The character design is very nice but i believe the composition is not that good. I feel there is no focal point, the scene is very crowded and some characters get lost amongst all that color saturation.

I believe this is a very nice pic and those details will help enhance the overall feel of it and in the end you might get a cover piece.



haha the guy he’s holding is uber cute! Really cool and colourful work.


good character-design and colors, great details, too.


stunning image, with lots of characters and colors.


Dear Saman
this is great , this is what I call a masterpiece . I love that Hedgehog at the right below.
good luck.