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Car Paint shader is based on the Renderman shader by Peter Stuart Also from the research paper A Simple Layered RGB BRDF Model by Xavier Granier and Wolfgang Heidrich. The model simulates the interaction (interference) of light with itself due to a thin substrate. To completely capture this effect, the simulation would have to be performed over the whole spectrum of light. This is obviously too much work for a shader to do, so this model avoids sampling the whole spectrum by simulating only the RGB colors and then interpolating between the results using a phong-like approach.

Car Paint Shader
Os: NT/2000/XP
Maya Version: 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 / 6.0
:Mental Ray Version included:


will this run on 6.5 ?


I got an error when the plugin loaded but after adding a "#: nodeid " line in the dt3d_carPaint.mi file, it loaded without errors.

Unfortunately when trying to render, i got a new error:

// Result: Created dt3d_carPaint shader and assigned to pSphere1. //
// Error: (Mayatomr.Export) : mental ray startup failed with errors //
// Info (Mayatomr): Aborted //

I’ve added these lines to my maya.rayrc file:
link “{MAYABASE}/lib/dt3d_carPaint.dll.{DSO}”
mi “{MAYABASE}/include/dt3d_carPaint.mi”

Dunno what’s wrong here. Using 6.5.


Hmmmm I’ve never test out the shader on 6.5 since i don’t have 6.5 so I really can say or promise that it would work. I’d imagine it should :shrug: mouser100 as far as that error goes i’ve never gotten that and like i said i’ve never test on maya 6.5 but on my .rayrc i always add these lines I’ve never seen it added with a “.dll.{DSO}” try these lines at the bottom and let me know if it works then.

link “{MAYABASE}/lib/dt3d_carPaint.{DSO}”
mi “{MAYABASE}/include/dt3d_carPaint.mi”


There was indeed a typo in the ’ link “…” ’ line: after i removed the “.dll” i no longer get errors.
But I still can’t get it right (black renders). Maybe you can post a small test scene to check it’s just a 6.5 problem.


have you tried puting mode attribute to 2 and if it still doesn’t work i’ll make a test scene then so you can try it out :slight_smile:


Thank you. Setting mode to 2 did it. All is working now. Where can i find the doc about this mode setting?


:smiley: good to hear its working now, That mode attribute is dealing with mental ray lights its in the mental ray docs if iam not mistaken.



Its very nice shader for MR, can you export the shader into Linux for Maya 6.5?
i can installed it if the shader just for WIndows (dll), in linux usualy use .so (Shared Object).

THank You.


Teddy WIdhi L.


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