Mr.Loco's Sketch Lair


Welcome to my underground LAAIIRRRR…ahem…right. I’ll try to post every sketch I make up here. I’m doing this because I can never get motivated enough to do some, and I hope this will make me sketch more…soooo here we go!


Oh god was I wrong


This weird tree-snail thingy took me bouts 30-45 minutes to make…

I don’t remeber how long this took me because I did it a really long time ago.


nice bright colour…want see more mr.loco

maybe you alread knew these thread, it might help you alot.



Hi guys, I’ve been away from a while, end of year exams as well as moving added up to a complete lack of time. Soooo, here’s the new one.

I used Goro’s brushes in this one. [thx]


cool work, keep it up


Don’t have as much time as i wish I had to work on these, but here’s the next quickie, spent about a half-hour on this.


It’s been ages since the last update, but I think its time to bring this thread back from the afterlife. <muahahaha>

I’ve been away from cgtalk for a really long time because of two moves and the bundle of joy that is the International Baccalaureate :scream:.

Here’s some semi-succesful acryllic paintings of Bryce Canyon:

(top one’s the photo ref)

And here’s some experiments I did with typography and ink spots.

That fly thing started out as an ink spot. It kind of looked like a fly to me so I made it into one. :slight_smile:

Cheers for any critiques/suggestions


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