Mr.kang, A Profiteer In The Tsing Dynesty Of China, Ning Yang (2D)


Title: Mr.kang, A Profiteer In The Tsing Dynesty Of China
Name: Ning Yang
Country: China
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Hello everyone, it’s good to submit my piece to you CGTalkers again.
Now, it’s about Mr.Kang, a chinese profiteer in our Tsing Dynesty, who had a lot of asset and food, even in the north of china where suffered a great drought, pieces of farmland were wasted and lots of people died from hunger… So many villagers prayed the God in each area day and night,just for rain. But at that time,Mr.Kang was still only thought of his business, not care of the people’s misery…
welcome to check it out and give me your valuable suggestion.Thanks!!


Hehe ,It is a truth of past China,Keep up~Sorry for my poor English,加油咯,希望下次可以看到你新的作品~!


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