Mr. Fat WIP


This is a new model i created and will try to animate. C and C wellcome.



And another one:

i think nobody it´s really interested. I suposse thy are not so good:(
I will be better, promise!



Hey Felix!

I never spotted this thread. Mr Fat makes me laugh :slight_smile:
I would LOVE to see him animated!!!

Great facial texturing by the way…


Wow wow, calm down there. No need to panic. I have already noticed how easy it is for a thread to get lost in this little sub-forum.
On to C and C:
I like the fat man, but in a way I wish he was more caricatured. At the moment, he looks like a normal guy who has had his photo pinched in photoshop. I can’t really see a particular personality. Is he a dumb brute? Make his forehead smaller and give him piggy-eyes. Is he shy and self-aware about his body-weight, secretly in love with the girl, knowing he can never have her? Is he a leader or a follower?.. I know it sounds a bit over the top, but it’s much easier to design when you keep a particular personal profile in mind. At the moment, that doesn’t really come about.
I guess what I’m saying is that he looks a bit too generic, which is a shame since you clearly have put in a lot of effort.
The girl has got quite a bit more personality. Which is strange, normally it’s more difficult to give personality to a female. She looks a bit young and naive. If she’s got a thin body, she’ll definitely look like a teenager. That may not be what you had in mind, but that’s what I see and it makes it immediately much more interesting. I can imagine a scenario with her being a useless shop assistant or something.


Very interresting characters. The fat guy reminds me of a boss I had. No kidding…
I tend to agree with Manuel for the guy. The pinched face doesn’t quite make it work with the girl. The resulting overlarge forehead gives him an alien look. I took the liberty to play with him in Photoshop. You can easily try dozens of looks in no time and then adjust your model accordingly. Keep us posted.


Amazing, Richard. Impressive retouching. Probably i moust post more images of the fat guy face, i created him with the memories of the judge in the Pink Floyd The Wall movie. Supossedly he is a really bad ass with a twisted sense of humor and a bit (a tini bit) of good will…
My problem is: i´m not a non realistic designer, i have not an style for this, and i think the fat guy an the girl are in two different styles of design. I´m not really sure they can coexist in an animation. I will post some new images soon. Thanks for all your replies…


Another fat guy post. This is the favourite place of Mr. Fatman. Has a bit of ego! hte shadows an lights are not ok yet, workin on it, and trying better render times.


Well well… The guy is really self-centered! Funny setup. Nice work Felix!


Funny Character,

Waiting to see it animated and… you have “SimCloth” to play!!!

Tomas Egger


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