Here is my graduation project. It is Called “Mr.CityMen” and was inspired
by the Children’s book series “Mr.Men”. I Hope you will enjoy it.

To view the different videos, Please follow this link:

Thank You Very much,


loved it:) great mode to it, is this Tel Aviv?
where did you study?



Saw this a week or so go when I came upon your site. Great stuff and very original…a lot of work to be sure.

Out of curiousity how much of the footage is simply a still frame that you animated to simulate subtle camera movement?..or did you use live footage on all of it? I thought you might have used that trick to save time and comping and am curious as I cannot tell one way or the other. You did a great job.

I particularly like Mr. Dreamer from an animation standpoint…he has so much personlity and I am a sucker for a little 2d animation mixed in…very whimsical.

I also dig the Mr. Deja Vu…the light interaction on him when he is on the bus in one of the scenes is comped so well…very nice.

Keep it up man.


I’ve seen it a week ago to, it’s a very great job, I love especially Mr. Fortune!:smiley:


I just watched the video of the orange guy, and i really liked it.
the shots of him playing the guitar are very well thought out, and look terrific.

if i had to say something bad about it though, id say that its a little odd how his legs bend backwards (i know hes a made up character) but if he were human that would really hurt!
it also tends to pop a little bit as he walks… it may look better if they dont bend so far back at the knees.

But aside from that, Id say youve made something pretty special here. Its simple, yet looks really impressive. awesome job.


Mr. Lerner.

I really enjoyed watching it!
I think there is a naive feel to it all that charms me, the music is working great with it.
Love it.

Even though the animation needs work, it doesnt disturb the viewer, the design, music and great tracking and compositions compensate that.

Awesome work man, I think alot of ppl should be exposed to these cool clips (Plz get plugged :slight_smile: )




good stuff man. thou there r some glitches in animation but over all look and feel is great. keep it up man.


Really nice work. There are a couple of minor things, like improving the rigging of the arms/legs to get nicer shapes on mr dreamer, and the animation could be a touch snappier on mr scared, but as Ranimate said, the overall production is excellent.

They’re a great set of short stories, would love to see this plugged.


Love it! love it!

I hope I can get a copy of this on the next picto plasma DVD.

My only coments are that the leg movements are vere IK-ish, but who cares if you get the story across. :slight_smile:

(P.s the active X coding causes the web explorer to crash? what am I doning wrong here?)


I love Mr Stuck. What agreat uplifting message - the whole thing is genius mate, well done.


I really liked it! good motion Matching and lighting. it blended in well and the sync with the music was awesome! question? How long did it take you to get the shots motion matched and placed in correctly?


Really really amazing work man…just fabulous. The work will pay off


Sweet work! Were all those environments rendered or compositing was used? Amazing stuff, I really loved the moods being portrayed in each one.


Hi! I really liked your shorts, they all have very unique personalities. It must have been a lot of work to do all the compositing and matchmoving and tracking, etc but it looks great and the sync to the music is terrific too!


thanks for posting, those were pleasant to watch.

Mr. Fortune has a lot of knee pops if you want critique.

All in all I like the daydream guy the most, just because of what he was doing, and how it was put togather. I like the rabbit fading in and out with sparkles… hmmm, that sounds a bit overly girly… oh well.


great work. the color, setting and shots of your characters are great. perhaps a little more human and cg character interaction or acknowledgement. but otherwise great work!


Woa… very cool little short :slight_smile: . The camera tracking is spot on, and the compositing work is very clean; i like the color sheme you use, and how you synchronize the character animation with the music.

Groovy :thumbsup:


just…gorgeous. i like that they don’t talk and how you really made their attitudes transparent by using music only. also lighting and rendering is great. if i had to critizise anything, i’d say that the deformations on some of the men (i.e. mr.fortune) do look a little weird here and there. but that might as well have been intended. hey, i really really love these movies and i appreciate dedication when i see it.


All of them are good but i like Mr fortune the most. Must be the music and his walk :wink:


Really impressive… like the Mr “fortune” (narrative style) and MR “deja vu” (music video style) and the pretty cute one Mr “dreamer” :slight_smile: … !!I love that short film !