MR bump combine APLHA... anyone get it yet


I have been through most of the postings for the new shaders by Francesca (which are amazing by the way… thanks!). I don’t think I will ever have a scene wihtout that bump combine again.
I am having the same Alpha problem that I read about. I do have pass surface color aplha checked, but I am still not getting any alpha output. I found a hack way to fix it(for some reason when you tun on the CC options and set the second color imput to black, and the transfer mode to add, it fills in the Alpha). I need that channel now, so I am stuck again.

anyone have any good fixed for it? I am really trying to not have any maya native shaders in my scene.


here the alpha… the problem is that maya interface supports only rgb and not rgba so I perennially forget to add an opaque alpha to the code that in any case works with alpha… :slight_smile:
also, you have to check the 'pass surface color aplha '… maya rulez.



thankyou very much! I can’t tell you how much I love your shaders!!

I will try it with this one. :bounce:


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