Mr.bean, Mill (3D)


Title: Mr.bean
Name: Mill
Country: Japan
Software: Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop

This is my personal work.
I modeled this in Maya, made a texture and bump maps in Zbrush and rendered in Mental Ray.
The back ground is not 3D.

It would be great if you could give me some feedback on this model so that I can make a better one for the next time.

Thank you in advance.


Hi Mill!
Looks pretty damn good!

There are a couple of small things that might make it look a little better though:
The eyes look a little painted on. I think they need more depth.
The hairline looks crosshatched and not like a real hailine.
The highlight on the left of the head (his right) is a bit bumpy and plastic.
The jacket is a bit puppetlike and not really full.
The outline should be blurred just a little to stop that cutout effect.

Like I said pretty nice work, looking forward to seeing more from you.

Greetings Kanga


That’s look great man, sure it’s more like painting than rendering but looks great anyway, i like mr.bean a lot so my only crit is the lips looks unfamiliar to me, the rest is 100% bean :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool, lol! only crit would be that his eyes should be slightly larger and i think his face is a little to wide; making him look more muscular than he really is. But great model! i love it!


Very good likeness, well done.

I agree with most of what kanga said, but the eyes I think are more that you need to put in eyelashes rather than trying to give more depth.


very nice work…

coolllllllllll :bounce:


LOL! very nice!


very good job!:thumbsup:
The character is very lively ,especially his mouth.
but I think his face should be more round.


Thank you for your comments.

Here is the color map without shading and the Zbrush model from which the bump map was generated.

I am going to update the Bean image soon.


Model looks good…hmmm. very good:)


These are the test renders from the different angle.
That’s not the final model but very close.

Here is the update.
Thank you for all the comments.
Now I can move on to the next model.


very nice !
the image reminds Bean


I dont think it looks like MR Bean…but, it does look very good all the same :thumbsup:


Thank you for the comments.

Yes. I admit it does not exactly look Mr.Bean.
Problems are

  1. It’s very different between the modeling view and the render view.
  2. Everyone knows Mr.Bean.
  3. My drawing skill.

I hope the next model will be better.

Thank you again.


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