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I have a problem baking shading group lighting with Mental Ray and don´t seem to find a solution, the image gets pixelated for some reason and other areas are wrong, any ideas?


This the rendered result before prelight process…


i’ve got the same problem :thumbsdow , and i didn 't find any solution… there is always wrong area in my baked texture…
it doesn’t work even with very simple scene :annoyed:

i’m begining to belive that baking texture doesn’t work in maya 5.

alias has launched a dvd called “mental ray for game” wich deals with baking lightmap , global illumination etc… ,but i don’t want to spend 70 $ to know how to bake into texture…


Me too, and don´t have time to wait to come…
MAYA 4.5 gave me the same problem and didn´t solved it…
I´m becoming sick
Any lucky one?


If the object is poly/subds, does it have uv’s in the 0-1 texture space. Also they have to be non overlapping UV’s?


Everything is OK, the UVs are properly set and no overlapping at all, it is as simple as a cube without one face (the top one).
Any ideas?


hi, the solution for this problem is this tutorial here…

…but it’s for XSI and i don’t understand that… so if you understand that, please explain it to me:thumbsup:


mmm, thank´s I´ll give it a try later, but why the hell is this process so…, ugly?, uh?, are they (mental images) planning to fix this?


Oh yeah!, it Works like a charm!
now everything works at espected, all you have to do is render an image of your object (that fits inside the render view) with a name put in the “save Final Gather points map” (don´t remember the exact name), and next uncheck the “Final Gather rebuild” option. Then you turn a bit the camera (may be 45º) to the right or left in order to view some parts of the object that you didn´t saw before and make a “render region” (don´t know why but it works so…, what the heck), well, at this point MR will load the final gather points map and will increase it with the “new” points (in order to verify this you can check the file in windows and you´ll see that its size has been increased). Well, you have to do this 3 or 4 times allways turning your camera around the object and MR will make the final gather points map bigger and bigger (for my cube is about 4 Mg). Then you add your object to a bake set and launch the bake process, MR will load the Final Gather Points and the texture will look as you espected.
Well, I know this is a boring process but it may be automated by an script or something, may be you can set a 6 set of cameras making something like a cube enironment and batch render all the 6 cameras at a time, but then provably the Final Gather points map result may be unpredictable…

Thank you very much.



thank you too:thumbsup: …i try it later, but i think it works fine for my little realtime-project…

director rocks:buttrock:



I am trying to do what you’re explaining: But I have some problems, maybe you could explain a bit more how to bake MR?

First, should I render an image of my object (in this case a indoor scene, and I want to bake a room) with final-gather rebuild checked? And secondly, render in different views with limited region on and with rebuild unchecked?

So far so good I think, but! How do I save out a final-gather file? Just write a name in the text field or what? I tried that but I can’t find a file with that name on my hard-disk, where exactly is the file saved?

Thank you inadvance,


First, if you have entered a name for the Final Gather points map, it should have been created in the \finalgMap subdirectory of your project, check it there.
Second, for an interior scene it may be a little tricky but it should work the same fasion, you have to render the scene (with a name on the final gather file but with “rebuild map” ON), then you have to rotate the camera to a different view covering some part you were not seeing before and perform a render region with the same parameters (your region can be as large as the render view so it´s the same as perform a normal render, you can try that method on your own but i have not try it), and so on. When you´re done and have render all possible views, you can bake it normal way but unchecking the “rebuild map” option in the render globals and that´s it.
You can always find some problems due to columns or corners, but that´s the way you should do it, although I´ve never try it in an interior scene, hope it works!



thanks for the reply!

It’s strange, no map is showing up in the \finalgMap directory.

and… for the indoor scene I am using global-luminosity, do I have to bake the scene with GI on, or does final-gather take care of that on it’s own?


No, Final Gather only computes neighboor shadowing, only GI shoot photons and take their color information and bounces into account, normally you can achieve the same only with FG but often it´s not enaugh and you have to turn GI on.

If there isn´t any files on your finalgMap directory you may enter a bad name, or may enter in other field like “photonMap”, one is for final gather and the other is used for global illumination, check if this is true, if you want finalgMap you have to enter its name into Final Gather tab, not in Global Illumination tab.



What do you mean with “bad name”? I still get no file in the directory, do I have to write the exact path or is it enough with just the name?


I didn´t want to say that the name was wrong, I wanted to mean that you may have written illegal characters (like ?¿=)(/&%$·"! ), or written in the wrong place, excuse me.


no problem! just want to understand why I can’t get this to work.


It´s OK, but it should work, I don´t understand either…


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