MR 3.3 standalone


HI. Can anybody say me is that possible to get MR standalone 3.3 for free? I’ve got builtin Maya MR, but I really do need standalone version. Thx in advance.


No. it is not possible.


If by free you mean $995 dollars a CPU, then yes. Otherwise, no. They are a commercial company and have spent a HUGE amount of work developing it and are not likely to just give it away.


Thx guys. I’ve got it.


They are a commercial company and have spent a HUGE amount of work developing it and are not likely to just give it away.

I don’t want them to give it away either. But isn’t it crummy to have to choose between obsolete rendering on all CPU’s, or cutting-edge rendering for 1000 bucks extra per CPU? Maya Unlimited is already expensive enough, and is called Unlimited.
Not to mention the fact that we have no hair primitives in MR for Maya…


I’m really getting fed up with Alias…

They seem to think that including MR means they can abandone the native renderer, which could be true if the implementation was decent, and if you got a few licenses! It’s like their saying “rendering is not our problem, we’re giving you a modeling/animation package that’s it.”

Meanwhile, they are using the better implementation in maya 6 as “new features” of Maya which they then go ahead and charge us for. Sometimes I think Alias really doesn’t care or something, as seen in their “user concern driven” update from 5 to 6, which is also the buggiest update of all.

I’ve never used these before but here goes :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

And yes, I’m going to have to get Shave/Haircut as well as Sytflex three. Good thing I paid the extra $5000 for some fluid fog effects (oh did I mention in most jobs I use Mental ray Volumes? and pay for the extra CPU rendering nodes. YES!).


and actually i think the $995 was a special price - i think it went back to $1295 per cpu.(which is still cheaper then it was a year ago before the special price when it was more)

it is kind of crummy that they have apparently stopped development of the internal render engine - never even making it as good as it was in PowerAnimator.

frustrating that no way could i afford 24 copies of MR - i just have to sit and wait for all the new maya renderer like turtle, final gathering etc push the cost way down like all the other less expensive 3d apps did to maya.



You could always buy Maya liceneses to run on you farm and not have to worry how many cpu’s you have. But then again, mental ray for Maya doesn’t stack up too well against stand alone.


Well forgive me Alias if I got this wrong, but here’s the situation that has me a bit annoyed: we have free access to a supercomputer with 64 CPU’s. Now it’s a bit of a white elephant, a huge expensive beast that was already obsolete in terms of cost-efficiency the day it was operational… but still not to be sneezed at since it would be free for us, or very cheap. Better than nothing right? Wrong.
If we install Maya 6 Unlimited on it, we only have license to render with MR on 2 of them - or so I’ve been informed. So, we’d have to pay 80,000 USD more to be able to use that machine to it’s full potential. Please, anyone, correct me if I’m wrong.


you are correct …



I’m fairly sure that the mental ray for Maya license is on a per node basis and not on a per cpu basis, thus you should be fine license wise with a licenesed installation of Maya unlimited on that single node machine. Then again I could be wrong as well, but that was my understanding.


Thats how we do it. I bought a boat load of interactive software just for rendering on mulit proc machine. Its alot cheaper than standalone.

Maya’s built in renderer ain’t worth a crap anyways. The day it dies, I’ll be a happier man.


the longer you’re in the business of doing 3d cgi the more you see that’s it’s an industry designed to keep everyone spending money. makes sense tho

i remember when poweranimator, with all the bells and whistles, used to cost in the neighborhood of 80,000 USD … i forgot all the different fancy shmancy module names. i can’t imagine how depressing it would have been for a small company to have bought that software before maya come out. --oh boy

just think… eventually (most likely) 3d software will be as cheap as photoshop and have all the push-button features you could possibly want. kind of a bummer when you think about how many hours you have to screw with any of the “off the shelve” packages to do what you want now.


i can’t imagine how depressing it would have been for a small company to have bought that software before maya come out. --oh boy

hehe. I bought PowerAnimator for myself, when I was making much more than I am now. But PA cost “only” about 15,000. You may be thinking of the Studio version, which is still around and has always been much more expensive.
Still, it’s true, if I think about how much of my hardearned cash I’ve handed over to Alias over the years I do get a little… pensive. :slight_smile:


…tell me about it . I have the same problem in my mind this year. But basically what hearts the most is that if u have 64 proccessors in a system and u can use only 2…man …i can understand your frustration…i see in the company i work for …in a glass room behind me 40 Pentium 4 render nodes and everytime i need to render with Mental Ray i see the progress bar of the rendering in my station only …which isn’t the fastest…It really makes my head …explode everytime…so much that sometimes i kill quality in order to have the work done in less time and the job time limits…so sad!

Alias …maybe u can do something about it?..


Do you get unlimited mr render licences with XSI or something?


afaik one MR standalone license is good for 2 processors in one machine as a limit.
with the big version of XSI (which is priced about the same as maya unlimited) you get 8 MR licenses (16 processors max though). (… not to mention the compositing tool including matador…)




Alexx, MR standalone is sold on a per CPU basis, and can be had for 700-800 USD.

The top version of XSI is more expensive than Maya unlimited and comes with 16 CPU liecenses of MR.


ohh… i thought xsi|advanced 4.0 is at roughly 8500 euro and maya unlimited 6.0 at about 8000 euros…

anyway; thanx for the tip about the processor/machine issue




What if I’ve got Maya6 Unlimited, how many cpus can I use with MR?