mparticle question


Hello everyone , i trying to make paper plane fly simulation but there is problem i wonder how rotation works in mparticles? i made some paper plane when they have collision with wall they just spining wrong way they keep spining , i want there heads go down like real plan but rotation not works any one have idea what to do


Ancient post but anyway Rotation should be set to Speed Space. This directs the particles rotation to follow along the vectors length. Spin(Speed Space) works the same way.

FYI your mCollision should be below the mParticle World op. The system was designed to evaluate mP Tests below the mP World for more predictable results. That way the particle is evaulated in the world then a test is applied post physx calculation. Prior to that colllsion hulls, interparticle collisions, forces, ect. have not been determined yet.