Mp2 Great Bridge, Elben Schafers (3D)


Title: Mp2 Great Bridge
Name: Elben Schafers
Country: United States
Software: Maya, Photoshop

This scene was originally tagged 02_GreatBridge, from the Swampworld, in Metroid Prime Echoes. I created this scene to introduce this worlds style and theme to the Retro art team. Since lights and effects are added in the game engine, I had to render in Maya adding light, effects etc. I also used Photoshop to do a little comp and touch-up.

I hope you like this rendered representation of one of the rooms from MP2.


holy crap thats awesome. so perfect. looks like the game.


great style man, i love it. :slight_smile:


Very nice. Love it. :slight_smile:


Hey! Thats a nice image. I like the mood.
Though, I have a piece of advice. Open it in photoshop, duplicate the layer and set the blending mode of the copy to ‘soft light’. You can play with the layer opacity, but I think it will do with something about 90%-100%.

It’s what I almost always do with my stuff and it is an easy trick.



Thanks all. I tried to match the mood, color etc as close to what we did in the game as I could. Screen shots never look as right.

Spiro. I tried like you said. It ends up increasing the contrast, and veering away from what I thought the finished game room looked like. I like the tech though and will def use it in the future.

I’m thinking of doing another for the sandlands, any interest?


I am amazed. I really like your style, the metroid games are so fun and its totally because the enviromnets suspend the disbelief of reality. Keep up the good work.


Awesome work pal…


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