MoXi Digital Watercolor Tech. Preview


A few people asked me to post some shots for Western watercolor simulation that I’ve been working on (an extension from our ink sim.), so here they are:

A few more in my blog:}

A wet-in-wet Movie (sorry for the crude editing).

Commets welcome! Someone previously said that he was disappointed by exisitng digital watercolor software, thinking that there’s no hope for real-time realistic watercolor simulation (at least in the next five years). But now he’s delighted to be proven wrong!

I’ve been busy coding leaving not much time talking. If you like our work, you can help by spreading the good news!


That is some really impressive stuff. Excellent job!


Impressive indeed! Will this be available to the public? How CPU-intensive is it? Best watercolour simulation ever! (The one in Painter is terrible compared to this!)


I’ve read about this some time ago and I’m very interested in trying it. Looks great! :thumbsup:


i do alot of aquarelling myself and this just look like the real thing, I would liketo test it myself, the problem with painters watertool was it sluggishness how quick is this way?


That’s an amazing software, congratulations! when do you think you’ll have the final product?


It looks as impressive now as it did when I first saw it. Is it possible to simulate things such as adding salt, dry sponges/surfaces or raw pigment to the page or even watercolor pencils?


That’s definitely very cool. I’d have no use for it but I’m sure some people could make some nice stuff with realistic water coloring.


Currently the brush simulation runs on CPU and paint simulation on GPU. It’s not too CPU intensive and now if you’re willing to use a $140 graphics card, you probably could already enjoy painting at 70+ FPS. Don’t want to pay $140 for the card? Well, the final product would perform even better and by the time it’s relased, better graphics card would be available and at a lower price too.

Salt, sponge, even hair dryer, you name it. I don’t foresee any problem. I just need time to code them. :smiley:


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