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Hello everybody! I’m 24 years old, I live in italy but I’m going to move to San Francisco on August 15! I have been studying at the academy of art university online but I will try the experience of taking a semester on site over there. I would like to meet some of you when I’m there, so that I will meet some people sharing my passion for graphic design and animation. I’m also looking for an apartment (possibly in north beach) since many people adviced not to go to the academy dorms, I’m looking on but if some of you needs a roommate it’ would be good to live with other designers!
My contacts are:

Hope to meet some of you! Antonio


Hi Antonio,

check out those links for finding something in SanFran

As for me, I was wondering if such post was good for this forum or not… Since Antonio sarted it, I stick to it and append my own (no prob with mods deleting the all thing if it s not the right place though) :
I m moving in LA/Hollywood by the end of 2004 and I d like to get some advices to get the best accomodation possible there (i d like to share a flat with audiovisuel pros or students and aim at a max 400/500 bucks rent a month)
People from this area with web links, ideas and suggestions are welcome;


Hey Antonio…

Glad I saw this post. I’m gonna be attending the Academy of Art College in the fall semester too but I still don’t know what to do about housing. Do you plan to stay there for only one semester? I could use a roommate when I move down there too.


Yes I should take one semester but actually after this I can decide to stay there more time. When will you arrive in san francisco? I will be there on august 15, you can write me to my e-mail: bye!


Any advice for LA?


yes, don’t go. It’s a nice place to visit but a giant pain to live there…it’s a shame that the entertainment industry is so entrenched there. Seriously, do you ever hear people say ‘I just can’t WAIT to get back to Los Angeles.’? No, you don’t.


why is it such a pain to live there (so that I decide if I can live with it or not :D)


try the good ole LA traffic jam that takes 7 hours to get out of and you’ll understand.

Ask for the complimentary drive-by in most neighbourhoods too! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m here at USC for the summer, and I’d have to say that there’s good and bad things compared with my home in Athens, GA. Traffic blows, and it seems like it takes 30 minutes to get anywhere that’s 10 minutes away. Besides that, everything here’s kind of…run down. It seems like there are really nice areas and really crappy areas and not a whole lot inbetween.

On the other hand, it’s a pretty interesting place culturally, and I think it’s neat to be somewhere where there are a bunch of people who are in this industry. I’ve gotten to know a bunch of people and have gotten a tour of Sony Imageworks and a tour of a mo-cap studio called Elektrashock, which is pretty neat since I’m not used to that kind of thing.

But yeah, Sheep’s right: traffic is a bitch and it’s really easy to think you know where you’re going and then find yourself on a street where you’re the only person without a black mask over your face.


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