Moving Reflections on an Object in Cinema 4D


Hi Team,
I have a question that I’m embarrassed to ask. I’ve spent hours researching it and have found very little information so am presuming that I haven’t been searching the correct techniques. So here is the question:

What are the techniques for adding moving reflections to an object in Cinema 4D. For example; a VFX vehicle comped into a real world plate shot? I’m looking for some clarification.

I figure it must be achieved with either:
A) A 360 footage plate, shot on location from the top of a moving vehicle. Then projected on to geometry around the vehicle model within C4D?
B) Still images of the location projected on to basic geometry loosely matching the location?

Any clarification or idea’s/techniques I am overlooking would be greatly appreciated!


There’s no one specific way to go. Anything could work, but the best way is to have actual driving plates, flat, 360, or anything else.


You can also use Google street map with this plugin: