moving joints after bind


Hello, I would like to know, if is possible to movie joints after you bind joints with mesh?

I have Maya 2010

thank you!


yes, you can move the joint, and then update the bindPreMatrix value in the skinCluster with the new worldInverseMatrix of the joint.
eg: you decide to move a joint connected to skinCluster’s matrix[n], move the joint ( take care of the orientation/jointOrient, and remember that you can’t use freeze transforms on a joint/transform used by a skinCluster), then update the bindPreMatrix[n] with the current worldInverseMatrix of the moved joint (setAttr skinClusterName.bindPreMatrix[n] -type “matrix” 0.652445 0.378918 0.656305 0 -0.732291 0.0922694 0.674712 0 0.195104 -0.920819 0.337679 0 -6.274581 0.989698 0.704782 1 )
You have to update the bindPose too to avoid to go back to the old joint pose if you use dagPose -restore … use dagPose -reset -name bindPoseName jointName to update the bindPose.

Nevertheless, there is a context in maya 2010 that allow to move a skinned joint I think…




I only have Maya PLE 8.5 (2008?), but the Detach Skin dialog has an option called Keep History that seems to keep the skin weighting intact when detaching the skin. You can then move joints and use Bind Skin again and it remembers the skin weighting when binding.

That option might still be in there in your version.

Cactus Dan


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