Moving from Mac to PC


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I’m currently using a Mac laptop and iMac and it appears now after a host of issues that buying a bizon box eGPU (GTX980) was a mistake as its hitting a brick wall now with apples high Sierra 10.3.4 update.I’m thinking of switching to a PC as I use cinema 4D a lot for 3D animation and would like to keep the graphics card I purchased, remove it from the bizon box eGPU chassis and perhaps instead insert it into a PC set up going forward as I’m wanting to use render engines such as Octane and Cycles 4D for my animations.I have no idea what type of PC is the answer or whether the above will work and I’m looking for some advice.Anyone? :slight_smile:


If you are new to the PC world and don’t want deal with assembling a custom box to meet your needs, I would recommend Puget Systems as a vendor. They have plenty of pre-configured builds aimed for specific uses (Such as Cinema 4DGPU rendering).

if you search around the forums here, you will see a lot of folks speaking very highly of them


Yeah, I’d definitely recommend doing a search in the forums, as this topic has been covered at length several times. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 for Puget


You invested quite a bit of money into your Macs. don’t make the mistake and buy the cheapest possible PC.
Go with HP workstations Puget, Boxx or maybe even dell if you really have to :slight_smile:

It is not THAT complicated to put together a computer all by yourselve, BUT it is nearly impossible to know the right components if you do not know helping professionals that build stuff like this regularly. So I wouldn’t recomend this to you. (for your first PC)

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I have heard multiple people I know who build systems as a hobby tell people to buy from a major company, since decently GPUs are so hard to come by when buying GPUs online. The price advantage between BYO and from a major vendor has diminished a bit thanks to the GPU price craze.


Probably a good idea to get some sort of support/maintenance agreement with them too. Nothing more frustrating than being unable to work because of hardware problems.


Prices are generally back down to MSRP now. I can buy a new 1080 for £499 or top end 1080Ti for £680


The 1080ti Hybrids are still sky high, and those are the only ones I’m really interested in for long-term rendering, as they’re a heck of a lot colder. In November I had priced them out around $680, and they’re still around $1,150.


A 1080ti is still $300-$500 over MSRP in the places I checked here in the USA. Eek!


its a bit outdated, but should give you a good overview of what components do what.


If you are buying a PC laptop, make sure you read the screen quality review for it on this site:

Many PC laptops have great performance, but the screen quality varies wildly. MSI laptops are generally pretty good.

If its a desktop, AMD Ryzen and AMD Threadripper CPUs deliver the most rendering-bang-for-the-buck right now.

I’ve never bought from this company - Titan - myself, but their workstation configs may give you an idea how much 8 to 16 Core AMD systems cost:

For example, this rendering workstation can have up to 16 CPU cores and up to 4 video cards:


Seems crazy to switch platforms because a single 3rd party peripheral is not working as expected. FWIW, the Bizon Box I tested a couple of years ago was a major headache, a hot mess, and ultimately unusable. I’d suggest saving some money (and frustration brought about by platform migration) and try a different eGPU box, like this one:


It’s a fair bit cheaper than a whole new rig, and if IT doesn’t work out, ten return it for a refund and revert to the nuclear option of wiping out and starting anew on Windows.


I made the switch about 6 months ago and I don’t regret it at all. In fact when I go in for on-site freelance and get put on a 4 year old iMac or trashcan I can’t stand it. I’m spoiled!
I had wanted to go with Puget at the time but couldn’t afford one of their multi-GPU machines, and also they were not offering the Threadripper as an option. So even though I had no experience I went ahead and built my own. I used PCpartpicker a ton, and I just read tons and tons of reviews and specs and watched about 5000 youtube videos. I didn’t buy any bargain-level components and I quadruple-checked compatibility with all the parts I bought.
In the end it worked out well and I got a machine that would probably have cost at least 2-3K more with Puget, but the trade off is that it was at least 2 full weeks of my life, and also I was taking a risk in getting a bad component I couldn’t return once opened, or frying something because I hooked it up wrong. Also of course I have no all-inclusive warranty on the machine, but as I built it myself, I know how to switch out any part if I have to.

But anyway after some initial driver updates the thing runs like a dream and I’m using redshift in C4D and don’t want to ever go back. Migrating everything (photo library, archives) over to work with Windows was the hardest part tbh.


Why woudln’t you be able to return a bad component? Just send it back like any other faulty product.


Yeah. products are in garantee even if you open the box and they fail for no fault on your part. Some even have long garantees from manufacturers.


sorry I was being vague, I simply meant if I opened a part and then found it to be incompatible, or fried it, most parts I ordered (motherboard, GPU, RAM, CPU) could not then be refunded. At least that’s what their manufacturers policies said. so I’d be stuck with it, and at best be stuck having to resell it myself. But yes in the case that any of the parts fail, they all have at least a one year warranty.
I only mentioned it cause as a newbie to building a PC it was a risk I was taking that I could pull a bonehead move like that. So I spent an insane amount of time researching and cross-referencing so that i wouldn’t do that. PCpartpicker was a great help, but even their part chooser is not flawless.

Side note, that eGPU enclosure looks cool and i can imagine going that route with a good iMac would be a reasonable alternative to switching, if one wanted to stay in the mac world until the new mac pros come out! :slight_smile: