Moving Day


Hi everyone I would like to get any comments and feedback to make my piece stronger. I have posed out a short about a guy who is moving out and is putting his boxes away in a uhaul type truck. The last box he has to pack is unusually heavy and struggles to get it into the truck. When he finally puts it in the truck all his hard work goes to waste when all the boxes tumble on him. I just have concerns with the poses, timing and performance. Any feedback would be great in this stage of animating this scene. Thank you very much I appreciate it.

Here is the link


I like the little story you have here. Alright here we go…see if you can move the camera in closer. It would will help us see the subtle things a lot easier. When he throws his back out, maybe don’t have him look at the camera. I think…I have been told not to do that one of my the past animations. I could be wrong though. Maybe its something you could ask the pros. When he walks down the ramp to get the last box, is a good time to show some personality of this character. Is he tired? Really confident? and not worried about getting the last box? The pose where he is pushing the box with his back and one hand on it looks odd. With one hand on the box and one on the ground feels unbalanced, and like it wouldn’t work. I think that type of backwards pushing would fit better if the box was bigger. I think after each attempt, and failing, he should get more “angry” at the box. Especially after he was pulling/sliding it, and had it half way up the ramp, and then it slides back down. That would be like the “final straw”, that just makes him so mad. Because after that he just picks it up and carries it up the ramp which was his original plan anyways. I imagine it only working this time because he is so mad. I think he also makes it up a little to easy too. Maybe make him struggle more, and have us believe “Oh! He is going to drop it!”…but then "…he just makes it. At the end when he finally makes it he has too be extremely exhausted after that, especially since he presumably loaded all of those others boxes before. Right now he looks a little to “refreshed” still. Well, thats what I can think of right now you. But maybe I will watch it again tomorrow to see if I can find some more. But good job!


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