Moving characters on a sphere or other geometry


I’d need my characters to move on a spherical surface, maybe even with their vertical axis paralell to the spheres normal at the given point.

I’m new to motiononbuilder and have read through the posts about animated floor contacts,
which would not do the trick as far as I can tell.

Is there a way to acomplish this spherical movement through some sort of a constraint or experssion setup , or do I have to keyframe the scene onto the sphere geometry ?

Could this setup/method be generalised to be used for any custom geometry ?

  • slopes
  • cones
  • terrians


Basically, U can do a trick with some parent null object on your character ( or use character reference object), which will have some path movement (it can be spherical path or some orther, don’t metter)
In all orther cases, in MB there is only plane floor contact…

P.S. I was thinking about some custom contact plugin for MB, but It’s still in progress


Thank you for the reply !

I’ll try the parenting method, and use a 3d spline for the motion path.
Would be great to have a neat plugin like that, best of luck with the project !


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