Moving C4D mograph selection points along one axis using Voronoi


How can I create one axis for a group of ‘mograph selection’ points, in order to move them as a whole rather than individually. For instance, I am using a voronoi fracture to break an object, then I need to rotate specific fragments or pieces along one axis.

I’ve been using a plain effector combined with mograph selection to manage those points but they keep rotating separately.
mographSelection_rotateOneAxis.c4d (191.3 KB)


You could either use Geometry Glue to glue pieces together so they act as single clone or
you could make a copy of your Voronoi Object, make one piece group invisible on the 1st Voronoi Object and visible on the 2nd Object and vice versa. Now you can let them act as one group by modifying PSR on the Voronoi Object itself. Every other solution will incorporate XPresso or Pyhon :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply, Typografschaft.

I read it after I’ve made it. Didnt try yours but is a Good suggestion though.

What I did. (The thing was) I had one Voronoi fracture inside another, four times (like Matryoshka doll). I used Voronoi + matrix + Inheritance. I regrouped points to assign one axis in order to rotate them as needed. I attached a null to inheritance to do that. I guess it would be easier if a create one fast click via Xpresso. But this worked pretty smoothly.