MovieMaterial on Particles?


In the light of StormTracer I´d like to know how to use a movie as material for particles.
If I use a movie on a regular emitter all particles playes the same frame, instead of each new particle starts with frame one of the movie. I´m not good at TP but maybe it is needed for this…



it’s due to the way that cinema handles movies. it loads in the frame needed before each renfered frame rather than per pixel. this is much safer, faster and memory safe than teh alternatives. however there will hopefully be a multishader texture at some point in storm tracer that will at least to a certain extent allow you to get past this. apart from that your option is really to have different particle groups, and use different textures (and different texture settings) to achieve what you want, this can be done with tp (jsut randomly change the group on birth) or just multiple standard emitters.


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