Movie trailers


There is so much ENERGY in your work! This is why 2D is so cool.



Please keep up the good work :slight_smile:


great work
great style
great quality

i luv it


Quite good timing-work.
I like the “Demo” and “Annecy 2004” the most.
Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Hey Jubeii! I gotta say it too: Veeeery Nice work! I love that Annecy 2004-Trailer!! ´:]

I have only 1 thing to criticise: The Trailers are played on a glowing white background! A black, or simply dark one 'd fit much better!
Of course everyone could download that movies and watch it however one wants. But if you’re lazy just like me… click… gloooow ,^^,

You do that stuff professionally?!


Sorry, french reply :
hé bé ba!
Ben dis donc ma Patate! Front page pis quelque jours plus tard à nouveau la front page!!!
Chapo tablo!
Bon, je te dirais franchement que j’ai pas tout lu, mais bon, ça m’a l’air assez sympa dans l’ensemble!:thumbsup:
Je n’ai bien sur aucune critique à emettre sur ton boulot, à part quelques trucs sur “9 la chronique des lune” … mais bon… c pas grave.
ha si 2 remarques :

  • ton anglais est un peu pourri quand meme! desolé, mais le fond passe.
  • Ton site aussi, et tu sais tres bien que Raf et moi on peut y remedier… et vu comment t’es visité en ce moment…
    Bon je te fais des bizoux et je t appelle samedi!
    Ciao Patate!

PS: Et puis jubeii ça fait un peu suceur comme pseudo, non?

“frenglish” version :
Hey bé ba!
Wow front page few days ago and front page one more time!
Congrats mate!
Ok, I got to say I didnt read all the post, but it seams to be quite good!
Got no crit to says, but some bout “9 la chronique des lune”, but… it doesn’t matter.
BTW, 2 crits :

  • your english sucks (mine too, but I can’t understand yours :stuck_out_tongue:
    -your website sucks too, and u know Raf or me could do something… and as it is visited a lot these days…
    So big bizoux (kisses) and I call u…


front page again!?!?!?

cool :slight_smile:


Awesome, I can’t remember many people getting Front Page twice. :slight_smile:


WOW! this is very good professional work! I saw all the trailers lot of times!! very great work!




un mot: IN-CROY-ABLE!!!
Franchement, tu m’épates! Aurais-tu pensé à un tutoriel, peut-être? - Les êtres inférieurs seraient surement bien reconnaissants de ta générosité :wink:

En tout cas, les éloges que tu as reçu sont bien méritées! - Continue ton incroyable oeuvre et bonne chance dans tous tes projets!



Tres Wikkid !!

:thumbsup: The Annecy 2004 had me rolling on the floor in tears ! One of the funniest things I have seen in a while.



You’ve just become one of my personal hero’s. Awesome stuff, awesome style.


fantastic stuff man, love the one with the rabbits :slight_smile: its good to see some traditional style animation still floating around to, i look forward to seeing more stuff from you :thumbsup:


Wwwooooww great work !


You’re awesome man! These are such great pieces of work…!!! And your ‘studio’ looks really cool BTW! :slight_smile:

Good luck at your next projects, and don’t forget to post them :wink:



I apreciate your words!! :love:

here another character of citeria, I work on the bidget and I pofine the characters

Colors in Flash


wow your work is just amazing!
And i just love citeria! I would love to see any concept drawings for it to see how you put the characters toghter if there is any…
would love to see more of citeria!


hi, i really liked your trailers, nice style. im curious as to what program you use, and do you scan all your drawings or do you use a capture station? From a learning animator.



Sorry if you find this hard to read, as I know your English isn’t that good, but I don’t know French (I didn’t pay attention in High School lol)

I am simply amazed by the quality and skill of your movies! I showed all my family, my brothers and my friends - they all cant believe that one man alone can make such amazing work!

I have been using Flash since 1999 and I still cant do anything even half as good as the things you do - your work is amazing and I had no idea that animation done in Flash could look that good!

I wish you all the luck on your movie and any future work and I want to tell you that I really cant wait to see a film in the cinema with your name as the director - you deserve it man!

Can I ask how exactly your work pipeline is in detail please? I’m especially interested in how you colour/ink your work in flash and what frame rate you use etc. Do you draw everything in Flash or are the backgrounds done in a 3D program?

If you were to get a book published on how you achieve your movies, im sure they would sell like hot cakes… I know i’d buy it right away! :thumbsup:



but if it is needed, I will do it

sure we need it :slight_smile: