Movie trailers


Hello all,

I suggest you will see my
They are teaser cartoon films which I realise only with a technique of animation that I manufactured

I awaits your criticisms!



Good stuff. You did all that yourself?


Hi andrewley, :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes in three weeks and half, but only the realization not the graphic development.

And sorry for my bad english ,I am french :shrug:

thank you very much


sorry I don’t quite understand. Did you animate all the characters in those trailers yourself?


Very good mood and animation! If you did all yourself except the concept art, then yeah! thumbs up.
Quoi tu veux dire avec “realisation”?


I did everything (concept art,designs, animation, compositing, colors…)


wow! great work man!


wow good work front page material


Fer sure front page material! That stuff is nutsoid!! Crazy! I fell off my chair… bruised bottom.


I am speechless. All that work in three weeks.
Damn man :cry:

Five stars from me.


if these would be made into full tv shows i would probably watch them. great stuff you got there.!.


That was great stuff! I loved it! Do you have it in any higher resolutions? I would like to download these beauties. Awesome work my friend


Exceptional work for one man (The use of the Requiem for a Dream song works well in the first as well!)

The anime style you’ve created, plus the cuts are beautiful.:smiley:


just saw all of them , great work man! i love your style of animation/drawing and also the colurs and overall feel of it , hope to see more stuff from you :slight_smile:
…hehe i also like your work environment seems like a good place to work in ,


Beautiful work man. Great atmosphere, color, style. Can’t wait to see more of your stuff in the future.


I think you are a very talented director, editor, artists, animator and sound person… I haven’t watch 2D animation for over 13 years or so, and like what ambient-whisper saids, if this became a TV series… I will definitely watch them.

The shots flow is good, the atmosphere is excellent and the music and sound effects really adds… I think it’s even good enough to watch without the sound and music!

Can I ask you some questions…
Did most of the trailers on your website done in a few weeks as well?
How old are you by the way?


This is amazing , reminds me of the bleak 90’s near future movies like Johnny Mnemonic & a little bit like Mega City one from Judge Dredd. Brings back sweet memories, i would definately buy a DVD if you decide to release one. Good Job :buttrock:


:thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock: :bowdown:

Wow! These are amazing! I need more more more! :slight_smile: I added your web page to my favorites list in IE! :slight_smile:


awesome beyond belief.

In a couple trailers I noticed some scenes that reminded me of vampire hunter d bloodlust. Did you draw any inspiration from there?


exceptional work. the fact that you are a student, and you did it all by yourself in 3 and a half weeks is shocking. i wonder how much sleep you got. :slight_smile: