Movie Poster: Monkey Assault Unit


This is my first post on CG Talk’s works forums. It’s a mock movie poster with several in-jokes for Blender users. BTW, the monkey is the sort-of-official mascot of the Blender community. The ghostly one in the bg is Suzanne, a Blender primitive, the equivalent of the teapot.

Optimized for different resolutions:


Nice work overall. The floor texture and the texture on the sock monkey are some of the better Blender textures I’ve seen. It does it’s job and looks like a movie poster.

Maby you could explain those inside jokes for those who are not familiar with the Blender community.


I don’t get the inside jokes either, but I’m a sucker for a good sock monkey… :thumbsup:


You forgot the cymbol clashing monkey, man! Where is he??? Is he not a part of blender in some way? Too bad… I like the funny monkey thing. Though I really hate monkeys.

Nevermind- conflict of ideas held in head known to this unit. -beep-


Great stuff, Harkyman!

Now all I need is a landscape version so I can replace this wallpaper I’ve had up here for centuries…


Can we expect movie updates to their antics in the future?

S.A. Simian is my fave, harkyman, but I love those “Sad little Bird” stills from your site the best.


Great Blender render harkyman.


looks pretty good imo. good work on the textures render, and the famous gigs :slight_smile:
Textures on the robot monkey and the sock monkey dont seem as strong to me. The sock could use more of a 3d material.


Man, this is classic (“The only special agent with twenty trigger fingers”). :applause:

Sweet lighting and texturing (modellings good too) :slight_smile:


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