Movie catchphrase of 2003?


For some reason, I have:

“Awesome,yah” as uttered by Cameron Diaz to the Mongolian horder as she sits astride that mechanic bull

That phrase has somehow found its way into my vernacular. With that odd swedish accent too.


“for froddo” aragorn LOTR ROTK… not really a catch phrase tho, but a very climatic scene nonetheless




“hi, my name is buddy. whats your favorite color?”:smiley:


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good one! bit hard to incorporate into daily speech though.

awesome, yah!? If I could, I would walk around calling everyone Mr Frodo.


I was thinking about my last quote, “hi my name is buddy. whats your favorite color?” and wondering is the movie, ELF playing in Australia GreenGiant? Just wondering if people outside North America got the reference?


yes. Elf is playing here but it looks like a dumb movie so nobody I know caught it.

What sort of name is ELF for a movie. We are TEH mature.


You bow to no one.

I say it to myself every morning when I look in the mirror before going downstairs to face my kids…


“Mine!” - Seagulls

(Invader Zim is a great resource for all-purpose quotes. Especially GIR :D)


“Tawk to da han.” aka (“Talk to the Hand.” in a thick Austrian accent)

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!”

“Oh God!”
“Smith will suffice.”


“For relaxing times…make it Suntory time.”

“I’m thinking with sand here!”

“Why is the rum gone?”

“For a clownfish, he’s not that funny”


I think Agent Smith quotes are the most likely:

“Mr Anderson, welcome back! We missed you.”

“I’m sorry, but this is a dead end.”

“It’s always me, me me.” “Me too.”

“I will call him Squishy and he will be my Squishy” (Bah… mis-quote, can anyone correct?)



“My precious”

“That still only counts as one!”


“Clint Eastwood? i f*cked him, Oooh!” - Ford Fairlane - 1990

We were talking about 1990 movies that tanked, right??


I find Guy Ritchie films the best film films to quote from, especially Lock Stock :confused:


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“I will call him Squishy and he will be my Squishy” (Bah… mis-quote, can anyone correct?)

“I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy”

Haha, I also thought of that one. And “For Frodo”.


For all it’s hypo-cheesiness there are many lines in the entire matrix trilogy which are great. Mainly the Smith ones.:smiley:

But the whole “Why Mr. Anderson, why?” speech is great.


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I find Guy Ritchie films the best film films to quote from

“shut up and sit down you big bald f*ck” … :scream:

“you’re having serious thrill issues, dude” (finding nemo has good quotes too)


Are we just talking about last year’s movies?

Cos I find Shrek to be one of the most quotable movies…


I had my 5 year old son go wake up my wife by saying that. I must add that he can almost do a perfect imitation of that voice.

She did wake up and I got the sore shoulder to prove it!

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“My precious”


‘Welcome to the Caribbean’


“just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” - dory / nemo
“I shall take you to your bonnie lass” - depp / potc
“i am not a man” - eowyn / rotk