Move take?


I have a bunch of takes that start at various frames, but I want to move them all so they start at 0. How do I do this?



there are several ways in MoBu to do that:

  • story motion clip
  • fcurves time wrap curve
  • scripting

Also I have wrote a script for shifting character base skeletion animation to zero from the base layer -


Thanks Neill! PS. I love your videos - they’ve been very helpful.

edit: I checked out the script, and it sets the current take frame to 0, but it doesnt shift the keys. I change the key time to FBTime.Zero in the script and that didnt work either. Bit weird!


For make this script working you need to have these things in the scene:

  1. pre defined character with animation controlled by the base skeleton. If your animation is on the control rig, you have to modify script or plot animation into the skeleton.
  2. base layer should be current in the scene.

If you have any questions or it’s still not working, feel free to write.


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