Move a custom Soft Selection


Hello everyone,
this is my first post and I am writing because I need help in a script.

the idea is to select the vertex, assign a weight (soft selection) and move in one direction. Than you need to move is because their weight, maximum weight maximum displacement, weight zero zero offset.

The custom soft selection only managed to do it, what fails and how to move the vertices in one direction.

The script used for the soft selection is as follows:

 polyop.setVDataChannelSupport obj 1 true
 if not polyOp.getVDataChannelSupport obj 1 do (messagebox "No Soft Selection"; return false) 
 polyop.setVDataValue obj 1 #(vert_poly) select_weight

where vert_poly is a vertex and select_weight is the assigned weigth.
For each vertex assign a weight that interests me.

The solution I found is to apply the XForm modifier and move the gizmo at the maximum distance in the direction that interests me. The result is just what I need. But you can get the same thing without using the XForm modifier?



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