MOV files issue



Is it possible to set output files as .MOV instead of .QT files?

PS: I’m using MAYA 5 for MAC.

thanks in advance


a .mov is a quicktime file.

as far as i know there’s no difference except for the file extension.

(of course there could be differences inside the quicktime format itself, compression, etc.)


hi meatpuppet

I obviously know that a MOV file is a quicktime file, this is not the problem…

the question is: is Maya capable to save .MOV files (specifically) instead of .QT files? because I’m having compatibility problems with this kind of format and I need to figure out an easy way to solve this… I’m a lightwave user, and I started to learn maya just this week, so I have no ideia how, properly, output files according to my needs…

another question: What kind of movie format I can output from maya? (.AVI, .FLC, .MPG, etc.?) … don’t forget that I’m using maya on a MAC

PS: .QT and .MOV can both me opened using quicktime player, but this files are not the same thing… if so it would be just a matter of renaming the extensions, but renaming doesn’t work

thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english!


i’m pretty sure the only thing maya can render is still image sequences. the only way to get a movie out of maya is playblast (right-click in timeline). you’ll need a second app (after effects, shake, etc.) to compile the frames into a movie file.

and i’ve renamed .qt’s to .mov’s before and it’s worked, i have no idea why it wouldn’t for you. (maybe some codec issue?)

good luck, and as a former lightwave user who’s made the switch to maya, don’t give up, it’s worth it!


.qt and .mov files are exactly the same thing. What precisely are you trying to do that does not work? If you get specific we may be able to help you.

– Mark


You can render .avi in Maya only as far as I can tell. I am speaking for a PC only though. It is not like in Max where you can render in .mov or .avi. You will have to render an .avi and then use premiere or video vegas or even Max’s Video Post to change the .avi to a .mov.

The best way to tell what you can output on a Maya Mac is to look at your render globals. The formats will all be right there for you to choose from. Just make sure your Frame/Animation Ext is not on Single Frame and then choose the Image Format you desire.

Hope this clears things up.



He’s on a Mac, where he can definitely render Quicktime movies.

– Mark


hi guys!

my bad! You are absolutely right… I don’t know what I’ve done wrong before, when trying to rename… but know it worked!! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the help!

PS: Now it’s just a matter of time for me to start making things like in Maya! :smiley:

I’m learning primarely from a book called “Maya 4.5 Savvy”… but this book fits well with the 5.0 mac version

thanks again


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