Mouth Problem?


I’m new to Zbrush (and this is my first sculpt) and it’s kinda working out for me, I want to fix my mouth on this Rhino creature I’m working on, mainly because I was stupid and i didn’t make zspheres for the mouth due to the fact I wasn’t thinking about sculpting with the mouth open. So now I have a conundrum where the mouth on the outside (now open) looks fine but the inside is of course messed up. I don’t know what to do to fix it… I googled but I don’t think I googled right. Sorry if this is a problem that is easily found on the internet.


mask the area and blur the mask and invert it,
try tool>deformation polish or smooth

or hold the Shift key down and smooth it.
lower the subd if its not smoothing out like you want it


Thanks for the info! I tried smoothing without the mask but all it did was pull it out and try to return it to it’s original state. Hope the masking/polish works out.


Thanks! It worked. But I have one more issue. I used DynaMesh on it and tried to add lower level sub-divs using Reconstruct Subdiv (which I think that’s what it does) but it’s not able to because my mesh has triangles. I tried fixing the mesh using the check mesh/fix mesh and nothing has helped. I’m unsure how to remove the triangles in my mesh…


what problem are you having with the mouth?
is it to stringing looking inside the mouth?
use the clipping brush to cut the mouth out and QRemesh it,
you may need to freeze the geometry to get the shape back when You QRemesh it,
just UN-Freeze to get the shape back but you may need to re do the mouth
dynamesh on the left
clipping brush for the mouth shape on the dynamesh then QRemesh on the right.


Thanks will try! I’ll Qremesh it and hope it solves my triangle issue.


DynaMesh in most cases cause triangles, if you have triangles it wont reconstruct,
when you Freeze and UN-Freeze it will be like (reconstruct)
you need to have subdivision to Freeze


Ahhh okay, I was just about to say it didn’t work so I will try freeze and unfreeze with dynamesh. Gonna try it now. Thanks for the help!


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