Mouse Wheel Zoom Speed


There seem to be two options: mouse wheel zooms way-the-heck too fast in a Perspective window but a good speed in Left/Right/Top/Bottom/etc windows, or a reasonable speed in the Perspective window but slower than my sex life in the Left/Right/etc window.
Holding down Ctrl helps a little bit, changing the speed up, but not nearly enough.

Is there a way to make this not quite so either/or?


Customize>Customize User Interface>Mouse>Wheel Zoom Incr

(assuming your ancient version of Max has this…)


See, I did that; that’s what I was talking about in the OP.
I’d been setting the increment to 1 and 0.1, because 1 was reasonable in the L/R/T/F/etc windows, but was lightspeed in the Perspective window, and 0.1 was a crawl versus reasonable in the Perspective window.

However, doing a little experimenting, it seems that, when zooming in the Perspective window, the problem seems to be dependent on which objects are visible; if a smaller object is the only one visible, the wheel-zoom in Perspective starts to get reasonable. Rather than always zooming the same amount, it seems to be proportional to the scene. I hadn’t realized that.

Still annoying, though; it’s most certainly not how I’d like it to behave. The amount of zoom in Perspective ought to be exactly the same distance as in the L/R/F/T/etc windows, darn it.

Know of a way to fix that?