Mouse Trap, Matt Hubel (2D)


Title: Mouse Trap
Name: Matt Hubel
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

This is a piece I created for a Gnomon challenge recently. The idea made me laugh, so I ran with it. Hope you like it; let me know what you think!


Fantastic…Gracias por compartir:wavey:


Thanks jaimedc!


Just one question. Is he a bunny? rabbit? or a mouse? I though it is a mouse in the beginning and wanted to ask you why on his slippers there are no mice with a scary face like that as well, but then I am thinking, you probably wanted to create the opposite here with the bunnies on his slippers smiling and him running scared from the guy. right? (Or I am totally off here?)


I was going for a lab rat, but he has a bit of a bunny look to him because his snout is really short. I decided it was ok because he is supposed to be a mix of human and lab/test animal. As far as the slippers, I wanted my viewer to answer that. I always associate slippers in a hospital setting with being insane for some reason, especially if they’re furry bunnies. Overall, the scene is kind of ambiguous. Is he escaping a test lab? Is he completely crazy and just got loose? I like to let the viewer answer questions and make up their own story.


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