mouse suggestion?



I’m using a mouse at home that’s not cutting it: logitech m705

it’s too small I think (my hands are medium to large-ish??), and the middle mouse click effort is ridiculous for 3D.

anyone recently switched from a bad mouse to a good one, and have a recommendation?

thanks very much!



Try some out at a store before you buy. I personally like the Logitech G5, it’s fairly big. They have the M500 now which is basically the same thing with a new look.


Logitech makes the only mice big and heavy enough for me to like, with buttons that don’t engage at a light sneeze in the next room.

Their wheels are admittedly hard to click, but taking inspiration from a colleague I mapped one of the side buttons to middle click, it’s surprisingly functional once you get used to it.

Currently on an old mx620 (very longeve), and hoping it will never die on me. Tried the M950 and liked it, but not as much as my old 620, good hefty and sizable one though.


Real middle button, scroll wheel, 5 buttons, different sizes. Used them myself for years


I liked my Logitech G5 but I replaced it with a Razer Orochi, which has a nice substantial weight. It’s a bit smaller though but i’m 6’4" and don’t mind it. I prefer gaming mice because they are made to take a beating.


Not my image, but helpful nonetheless. I recently switched from an mx518 that I had been using for about 5 years to a Deathadder 2013, I find it very comfortable for the way that I prefer to grip my mouse.


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