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Should the Mac mouse work in Silo or do I have to use a PC mouse ? The reason I ask is , when using the Mac mouse , and click for menu , it does not always work . The menu flickers on and off and may take several attempts to remain on the screen . Plus when using the slider moving loop up and down , the text unreadable ?

Late 2012 ,27" iMac 3.4 , Nvidia GeForce GTX 680mx 2gigmem . Silo 2.3.1
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Andy uk . .


I can’t answer your question since I do not have a Mac but have you tried the latest 2.5 build? It doesn’t work for everyone in terms of fixing issues (it breaks Silo for some) but for many it has solved several problems such as yours (but perhaps not yours exactly).


I had hoped for a reply from Jam and Feed but no luck .
So , again I ask anybody tha uses a Mac, is it better to u se a PC MOUSE ? Because the Apple mouse has real trouble right clicking to bring up screen menu ?
And on my iMac late 2012 , when moving a loop for instance , the counter that shows numerical movement is UNREADABLE ?
I have submitted to Nevercenter , and NO REPLY .
Latest version of Silo . . .


I think you would find Silo works best with a regular 3 button mouse


Cheers Chinnsealach ,and while I’m at it good to see your still supporting Silo :+1: